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SZ4D Structure & Governance

SZ4D Committees

An organizational structure designed to provide independent oversight of each of the components of the SZ4D effort, as well as management and coordination structures to ensure successful project execution.

White Background

Center Steering Committee

Coordinates and oversees all SZ4D activities, charged with overseeing the general operations of SZ4D

Mark Behn*Boston College

Emily Brodsky* UC Santa Cruz (Chair)

Mike Brudzinski* Miami Ohio

Cailey Condit University of Washington

Eric Dunham Stanford

Noah Finnegan UC Santa Cruz

Joan Gomberg USGS

George Hilley* Stanford

Leif Karlstrom University of Oregon

Adam Kent Oregon State University

Kristin Morell UC Santa Barbara

Madison Myers Montana State University

Diana Roman* Carnegie

Demian Saffer UT Austin

Donna Shillington* Northern Arizona University

Doug Wiens Washington University in St. Louis

Wenlu Zhu University of Maryland

* Serve on the Executive Steering Committee

Marble Surface

Collective Impact Committee

Identify and sustain scientific priorities and broader impacts by coordinating the scientific and capacity building activities of SZ4D

Magali Billen - UC Davis

Mike Brudzinski - Miami University (Chair)

Maria Contreras - SERNAGEOMIN, Chile

Michele Cooke - University of Massachussets

Joe Dufek - University of Oregon

William Frank - MIT

Helen Janiszewski - University of Hawaii

Philipp Ruprecht - University of Nevada Reno

Danielle Sumy - IRIS (ex officio)

Harold Tobin - University of Washington

Ikuko Wada - University of Minnesota

Aaron Wech - USGS

Liz Westby - USGS

Above the Clouds

Operational Planning Committee

Oversees operational needs of SZ4D and provide scientific guidance for designing the necessary facilities

Juan-Carlos Baez - Universidad de Chile 

Thorsten Becker - UTIG Austin

Paul Bodin - University of Washington

Chris Crosby - UNAVCO (ex officio)

Maria Loreto Cordova Varas - SERNAGEOMIN

Maarten de Moor - OVSICORI-UNA 

Melodie French - Rice University (co-Chair)

Alice Gabriel - UC San Diego
Daniel Melnick - Universidad Austral de Chile

Dave Mencin - UNAVCO (ex officio)
Stella Moreiras - CONICET
Andy Newman - Georgia Tech

Christine Regalla - Northern Arizona University

Zack Spica - University of Michigan
Chad Trabant - IRIS (ex officio)

Doug Wiens Washington University in St. Louis (co-Chair)

Lindsay Worthington - University of New Mexico

Brian Yanites - Indiana University

Committee on Committees

Coordinates slate of candidates for committees, ensuring diversity. The Committee on Committees is nominated by BECG and approved by the Steering Committee

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