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Operations Planning Committee

Oversees operational needs of SZ4D and provide scientific guidance for designing the necessary facilities

The Operations Planning Committee (OPC) oversees SZ4D operational needs. Initially, the OPC is charged with providing scientific guidance for the design of five facilities that would support:

1. Offshore instrumentation,

2. Onshore instrumentation,

3. Field programs that require human deployment,

4. A modeling collaboratory, and

5. Experiments and sample archiving.

The OPC will work to develop the necessary proposals to support the new infrastructure. As the SZ4D Facilities are created and become operational, it is expected that the OPC will create separate oversight committees for each of them. 

OPC Charge

Coordinating SZ4D Proposals

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The Collective Impact Committee is designed to help coordinate SZ4D science and outreach efforts in the current absence of a dedicated funding program. PIs are encouraged to contact the CIC to discuss opportunities for coordination. As PIs consider proposals to build components of SZ4D, the CIC has developed an initial set of questions to help PIs design proposals that coordinate with SZ4D. When it comes to designing efforts to accomplish broader impacts that are aligned with SZ4D, the BECG chapter of the Implementation Plan is currently the best starting point.


If your proposal involves a workshop that might require SZ4D staff assistance, please contact us so that we can coordinate an appropriate budget to help you.

From the Implementation Plan

Learn more about the SZ4D Structure and Governance

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Committee Members

Maarten DeMoor
Andy Newman
Georgia Tech
Christine Regalla
Human Dep
Northern Arizona University
Zack Spica
MegaArray, Volcarray
University of Michigan
Chad Trabant
Doug Wiens*
Washington U in St. Louis
Lindsay Worthington
University New Mexico
Brian Yanites
Indiana University
Stella Moreiras
SurfArray, Human Dep
Dave Mencin
Daniel Melnick
SurfArray, Human Dep
Universidad Austral de Chile
Alice Gabriel
UC San Diego
Melodie French*
Rice University
Chris Crosby
SurfArray, Data
Maria Loreto Cordova
Paul Bodin
MegaArray, VolcArray
University of Washington
Thorsten Becker
UTIG Austin
Juan-Carlos Baez
MegaArray, SurfArray, VolcArray
University of Chile

*Group Co-Chairs

OPC Members

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