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Building SZ4D: A Town Hall Discussion and Workshop for a Research Initiative on Subduction Processes and Geohazards

October 30th, 2020 at 12 PM PDT

Zoom Meeting

SZ4D is a new initiative in the U.S. research community to study subduction zones through both space and time, with a focus on the fundamental processes underlying geologic hazards such as great earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. Subduction zones produce the most devastating seismic, volcanic, and landslide hazards on the planet, yet we lack critical understanding of the basic physical and chemical processes controlling the occurrence and magnitude of these events. SZ4D focuses on designing targeted experiments to make the next big leaps in understanding of the processes underlying subduction geohazards. These are envisioned to involve comprehensive suites of new measurements to study subduction processes at key locations on the planet and fully incorporate the fourth dimension of time. Research themes in the SZ4D Research Coordination Network include: Faulting and Earthquake Cycles, Magmatic Drivers of Eruption, and Landscapes & Seascapes. 


The Town Hall will begin with an overview of the SZ4D planning process and updates from thematic working groups on progress in the development of a unified community plan for a coordinated research effort. Attendees will be invited to provide feedback on key questions in the thematic areas, during small group discussions.


Your input is needed!  All members of the geoscience research community are invited to contribute to the discussion. The event is organized as part of the GSA Virtual Annual Meeting, but GSA registration is not required to participate in the Town Hall.

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