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Legacy Data Workshop

A collaborative opportunity to discuss legacy datasets


Fall 2024 | Houston, Texas

More information to come.


The Legacy Data Workshop aims bring to light historical data in subduction zones that requires archiving and data management in order to make historic data accessible to all and encourage an equitable global partnership.


DATES: TBD - This workshop will span two days in Fall 2024

GOALS:  SZNet's first mission is to compare observations of subduction zones around the globe with a common dataset. Towards this goal, SZNet will work in partnership with EarthScope to develop a web portal to bind  different data repositories under a single umbrella to make them easily accessible to the the wider international community. This activity is essential to the collaborative goals of SZNet because:

(1) differential access to data management services is a major hurdle to an equitable global partnership,

(2) surfacing historic data allows for meaningful comparison across subduction zones by international scientists, especially for geologic processes where long-term records across decades are essential.

(3) geohazards research is disproportionately affected by information from rare, extreme events. Fully representing these events in the global archive is essential.

The Legacy Data Workshop aims to bring to light historical data that should be archived in this data portal. Outcomes will be a plan to archive and enable global access to existing data to complement current efforts and fill in the earthquake, eruptive and sedimentary cycles.

STRUCTURE: The Workshop will span two days and will feature keynote speakers, discussion sections, and workshop wide conversations. A detailed agenda will be released in the coming month. Please keep an eye on this space!

FUNDING:  Participant support for travel, food, and lodging is available through SZNet which is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation AccelNet program under award 2301732. Funding is limited to 25 participants.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be required for this event. Please check this pace!

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