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Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Magmatic Drivers of Eruption Working Group

June 12th, 2020 at 11 AM PDT

Zoom Webinar

A webinar by the Magmatic Drivers of Eruption working group

Presenters: Matt Haney, Adam Kent, Chris Huber, Ben Black, Trish Gregg, Ayla Pamukcu, and Christy Till


This is a recording of the June 19th webinar Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Faulting & Earthquake Cycles Working Group, including the Q&A session near the end.

For more information, see the Magmatic Drivers of Eruption page.

Webinar description: In this one hour webinar, you will learn about what SZ4D is, meet the Magmatic Drivers of Eruption working group, and learn about their efforts to help establish a new subduction-related volcano science funding program. There was an opportunity to offer suggestions and guidance to the group and ask questions.

The SZ4D, or Subduction Zones in Four Dimensions, effort is a research-community driven initiative in the U.S. to investigate the processes that underlie subduction zone hazards. An NSF-funded planning group is now working to map out a potential decadal-scale program in integrated science of subduction and seeks wide community input. Within SZ4D, three Working Groups have been convened so far to address major areas of interest: 


  • Faulting & Earthquake Cycles

  • Magmatic Drivers of Eruption

  • Landscapes & Seascapes: Surface Processes and Subduction

This was the second in a series of four webinars from SZ4D over the summer (in one week intervals). The next two webinars introduce the other two working groups.

There was an opportunity for questions during the webinar. If you have additional questions please email or the appropriate Interest Group co-chairs (contact information is available at the bottom of the interest group pages).

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