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NSF Perspectives

by NSF Program Directors Gail Christeson, Maggie Benoit, and Jennifer Wade

Dec 15, 2022

A word from NSF Program Directors

NSF made a significant investment in SZ4D this past year with two large awards. The SZ4D Catalyst includes support for a SZ4D office and important SZ4D planning activities (2221947 and collaborators). The Near-Trench Community Geodetic Experiment will acquire seafloor geodesy measurements offshore Cascadia and Alaska to study ground deformation at these two subduction zones (2232638 and collaborators). These large projects add to a portfolio of shoreline-crossing science that the Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) is pleased to support.

Several Program Directors from the Earth Sciences (EAR) and Ocean Sciences (OCE) Divisions participated both in person and virtually in the SZ4D community meeting in Houston. We heard great discussions about knowledge gaps in subduction zone science, and how to fill those gaps with a range of activities from small team projects to large community experiments. It was clear to us that a goal of SZ4D is to co-develop a vision with Chilean scientists that is mutually beneficial to both the U.S. and Chile. We were also excited by the significant number of early-career attendees who were strong, vocal contributors to the discussions throughout the workshop. We wish everyone a great year of progress in 2023!

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