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Draft version of SZ4D Implementation Plan

Representatives from U.S. research communities that study faulting and earthquakes, volcanic processes, and surface processes at subduction zones make up the SZ4D Research Coordination Network (RCN). The SZ4D RCN is organized into three working groups (Landscapes and Seascapes, Faulting and Earthquake Cycles, and Magmatic Drivers of Eruption, and two integrative groups (Building Equity and Capacity in Geoscience and Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction) with a total of 74 members. Through a combination of meetings, workshops, webinars, and town halls, the RCN has engaged more than 1600 participants who have collaboratively identified community priorities and key observations and measurements that will enable the scientific advances necessary to better understand geohazards in order to mitigate their risks to society. This draft SZ4D Implementation Plan is the initial result of these discussions as of October 2021. The video that appears below on this page provides an overview of the 162-page report as does the Executive Summary.

This plan is a work-in-progress and feedback is needed. Feedback can be made three ways: (1) through the web form, (2) through emailing the Steering Committee, or through attending one of the upcoming open online feedback forums.  Feedback would be most helpful before February 20, 2022.

Draft Report
Intro Video
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