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Northern Arizona University

United States

Project Description

Passive- and active-source seismology are often analyzed separately, although the analysis methodologies are similar and they can provide complementary constraints on Earth structure We propose to explore methods to combine active and passive data for high resolution seismic imaging which we think could be useful for SZ4D. For example, the Insight software (Potin, 2016) could be a favorable method for joint analysis. We propose to apply it to data from the Alaska Peninsula, (AACSE experiment, Barcheck et al., SRL, 2020), which involved an onshore/offshore broadband deployment for 15 months. That array recorded a number of earthquakes as well as active sources from an air gun array. There are also several 2D wide-angle and reflection datasets available to include in the analysis of this region. Some 2D and 3D velocity models are published or close to finished to which we can compare our results. If the experiment results are encouraging, this approach could be considered as a valid method of analyzing new and existing data for SZ4D, including planned data for the Chilean margin.

Proposed Hosting Period

I would be available to host someone next fall or spring


we could provide the visitor with a desk and other things they would need for their work.

Host Contact

Donna Shillington

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