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Montana State University

United States

Project Description

Montana State University is part of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory and currently is the closest institution to this iconic volcano. I would love to host a student who is interested in caldera systems, large-volume rhyolitic volcanism. We currently are reassessing the eruptive history for the youngest supereruption, providing both field and lab opportunities for an international student. Our lab is well established for melt inclusion analysis (volatile reconstruction) a technique that requires a lot of skill and instrumentation, but could be applied to samples from Chile to understand magma storage and ascent dynamics.

Proposed Hosting Period

Our summer is May 15-August 15th, with field work in Yellowstone being better in late May/early June, so preferred would be the month of June.


We have summer housing through the campus with reasonable meal plans, along with an engaging lab group of ~4 graduate students and ~4 undergraduates. Our lab is equipped with all rock processing and mineral polishing tools, which can then be analyzed using the SEM (with CL detector), LA-ICP-MS and FTIR. The only instrument we lack is a EPMA which we remotely use through Oregon State.

Additional Comments

Our lab group is extremely diverse and friendly, making it a great community for an international student to be sponsored. Summer in Montana is beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities for both field and lab work. Thanks for your consideration!

PI Name & email: 

Madison Myers

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