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Project Description

The SZ4D implementation plan acknowledges that an understanding of the depth and distribution of magma at a crustal scale underpins efforts to characterize and forecast magmatic hazards in active systems, but we know little about the distribution of magma below the upper crust at most Chilean volcanoes. Volcano Villarrica is one volcano at which local constraints on the depths of storage below an upper crustal reservoir are lacking, yet public broadband data is available to explore this distribution. A visiting student or early career scientist would work on using traditional receiver function analysis to evaluate the crustal architecture of the Villarrica system - this would dually serve as a preparatory analysis for implementation in a new tomography technique for identifying magma storage at the crustal scale: Ps-P tomography. The visiting researcher would be able to work closely with a current NMT student who is performing similar analyses at another Chilean volcanic system, Laguna del Maule, with which magma storage conditions could be directly compared. This work would be a great lead in for intended scientific outcomes of AndesNet and the associated VolcArray.

Proposed Hosting Period



A computer and office space would be available for the visitor, as well as the opportunity to participate in Earth and Environmental Science and New Mexico Bureau of Geology departmental scientific activities such as the weekly colloquium (if exchange is during the academic year).

Additional Comments

PI Name & email: 

Daniel Portner

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