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University of Rhode Island

United States

Project Description

I am planning to host an early career scientist from Chile this summer. The goal is to teach them how to process and analyze seafloor pressure data for seafloor geodesy. This project is important because it will train a scientist from Chile to work with future MegaArray data. Seafloor pressure data can be used to explore various questions related to SZ4D and geohazards in Chile. For instance, we can investigate how strain is released offshore in Chile. I've already found a potential collaborator, Dr. Marcos Moreno from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Last March, he together with colleagues from Geomar, Kiel deployed five seafloor pressure sensors offshore Chile at latitude 25ºS, and he plans to retrieve the data in May 2024. The design of the array is very similar to a project that we did offshore Oregon in 2017, for which the results were published in Watts et al. (2021). A visit of an early scientist from Dr. Moreno’s team to our lab during the summer will help Dr. Moreno's team analyze the data, providing crucial information for the design of SZ4D’s MegaArray. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first set of seafloor pressure data from that region. This visit will also start a potential long-term collaboration between Dr. Moreno and our lab.

Proposed Hosting Period

1 month in Summer 2024 (July or August)


We will provide a desk and wifi access to the visitor. We will also provide scripts and guidance to process and analyze seafloor pressure data. We will interpret the data together. Our group, including a physical oceanographer (Randy Watts), have extensive experience of doing this job.

Additional Comments

PI Name & email: 

Matt Wei

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