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University of Washington

United States

Project Description

We have a range of active projects in seafloor and terrestrial geodesy, all looking at crustal deformation of subduction zones. We can use this as a training opportunity for working with seafloor geodetic data, including data collection practices. If timed with future EarthScope meetings (spring?), then the visitors could join formal training workshops that are part of the GNSS-A Community Experiment in Cascadia and Alaska.

Proposed Hosting Period

Any time of the year can work (academic year or summer). However, the visitor(s) could join a research cruise if they visit in July/August.


office space, marine facilities,

Additional Comments

We are able to host a cohort of student/early career visitors at the University of Washington, as we have expertise spanning a range of different disciplines represented within SZ4D (geodesy, seismology, petrology, surface processes). We have 2 current graduate students in who are from Chile, and could serve as cultural mentors.

PI Name & email: 

David Schmidt

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