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Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería


Project Description

Suggested topic: Input parameter standardization for PDC modelling, using case studies of eruptions in Chile and their analogues in other countries.

The Unit of Geology and Hazards Volcanic Systems of Sernageomin is responsible for the generation and planning volcanic hazard assessment projects in Chile. In 2023, a national hazard assessment project was initiated, which aims to standardize the classification of hazard levels between volcanoes with different eruptive characteristics. For this reason, we will work with analogous volcanoes and numerical modelling based on groups of volcanoes or groups of processes.

This project proposal will focus on identifying the parameters that have more sensitivity when modelling PDCs, using compilations published in other studies (e.g. Ogburn, 2015), well-documented scenarios in Chilean volcanoes (Ej. Chaitén, 2008-2009, Caulle, 2011-2012, Calbuco 2015), and analogous volcanoes in other regions. The main objective will be to group parameters for modelling PDC in volcanoes with limited data.

It is expected that the applicant will be able to generate a database with the most sensitive parameters according to model type (empirical or physical) and volcano type.

Candidates with strong background in numerical modelling and volcanic hazard assessment are encouraged to apply.

This project is aligned with the objectives of SZNET that contributes to the understanding of the behavior of PDC in the Chilean subduction context, allowing to guide practical activities for further projects of monitoring and forecasting of surface processes.

Proposed Hosting Period

June or August is preferred. May and July are also possible.


The candidate will have an office with a personal computer and 3 high-performance computers for numerical modelling.

Host Contact

Vera Franco

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