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SZ4D Mini-Workshop at AGU Fall Meeting

Prioritizing Community Efforts on Arc Magmatism in Cascadia and the Aleutians

December 10, 2023

San Francisco, CA

Register by October 23

10AM-1PM Pacific

Workshop Objectives

Prioritize community-led, large-scale projects in Cascadia and the Aleutians

This half day workshop will bring together subduction zone scientists with diverse perspectives on active and exhumed arc magmatic systems to participate in discussions and breakout groups aimed at prioritizing community-led, large-scale projects in Cascadia and the Aleutians. Key outcomes from these breakout discussions would include lists of desired data products, data integration needs, and future grant proposals that the larger community wants to pursue.

SZ4D mini-workshops are free of charge and open to all.


Madison Myers (Montana State University)

Adam Kent (Oregon State University)

Ben Black (Rutgers)

Kevin Ward (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)


Part 1 - Setting the stage

10:00-10:05 AM | Welcome and goals of the workshop - Ben Black

10:05-10:20 AM | Overview of MDE goals and SZ4D MDE collaboration - Madison Myers

10:20-10:35 AM | Overview of BECG and community-based practices - TBD

10:35-10:50 AM | Overview of Cascadia Activities/Priorities - Adam Kent

10:50-11:05 AM | Overview of Alaska Activities/Priorities – Geoff Abers

Part 2 - Breakout sessions and discussions

please report on desired data products and data integration needs based on subdiscipline for both questions)

11:05-11:50 AM | Breakout Session 1: What does community-based science mean to you? What does it look like in Aleutians/Cascadia

11:55-12:40 PM | Breakout Session 2: Next steps for pursuing prioritizations/activities in Aleutians/Cascadia broken down by subdiscipline

12:40-12:55 PM | Report back and discussion from scribes

12:56-1:00 PM | Wrap-up

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