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SZ4D Mini-Workshop at AGU Fall Meeting

Working Together to Advance Subduction Zone Science within SZ4D and the USGS

December 10, 2023

San Francisco, CA

Register by October 23

2PM-5PM Pacific

Workshop Objectives

Develop prioritized recommendations to SZ4D and USGS leadership

The workshop will focus on developing prioritized recommendations to SZ4D and USGS leadership. Recommendations will highlight collaborative goals and activities relevant to integrated subduction zone science and hazards in Alaska and Cascadia, and their comparisons and complementarity to those in Chile.

SZ4D mini-workshops are free of charge and open to all. Registration for the AGU Fall Meeting is not required.


Joan Gomberg (US Geological Survey)

Erin Wirth (US Geological Survey)

Janet Watt (US Geological Survey)

alex grant (US Geological Survey)

Mike Brudzinski (Miami University)

Magali Billen (UC Davis)


Part 1 - Setting the stage

2:00-2:05 PM | Welcome and goals of the workshop - Magali Billen

2:05-2:20 PM | Demystifying collaborating with USGS scientists - Janet Watt

2:20-2:35 PM | Overview of SZ4D Ideas Comparative Science in Cascadia and Alaska - Magali Billen 

2:35-2:50 PM | Overview of critical needs at USGS and what USGS can offer SZ4D - Joan Gomberg


Part 2 - breakout sessions and discussions

2:50-3:20 PM | Breakout Session 1: Discuss ideas for collaborations between USGS and SZ4D

3:20-3:50 PM | Breakout Session 1 report back and share discussion

3:50-4:20 PM | Breakout Session 2: Prioritizing recommendations for collaboration to USGS & SZ4D for collaboration

4:20-4:50 PM | Breakout Session 2 report back and discussion

4:50-5:00 PM | Wrap-up

Meeting adjourned

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