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Potsdam, Germany

June 7-9, 2022

SZ4D Potsdam Coordination Workshop

The SZ4D Potsdam Coordination Workshop took place at GFZ, in Potsdam Germany, on June 7-9, 2022. 34 participants from Chile, Germany, and France joined a contingent of SZ4D members to seek strategic alignment between Chile, EU, and US SZ4D efforts on the Chilean Subduction Zone. In particular, in-person and remote presentations, along with discussions took place to help determine the intersections of research questions, and to explore ways to increase funding from EU, Chilean, and US agencies through inter-agency cooperation. A workshop report will be soon available. The participant list and the meeting agenda are available below.

Organizing Committee


Emily Brodsky (UCSC, SZ4D)

Claudio Faccenna (GFZ, Potsdam)

Anaïs Férot (UCSC, SZ4D)

George Hilley (Stanford University, SZ4D)

Diana Roman (Carnegie Institution for Science, SZ4D)

Bernd Schurr (GFZ, Potsdam)

Frederik Tilmann (GFZ, Potsdam)

Harold Tobin (University of Washington, SZ4D)

Thomas Walter (GFZ, Potsdam)



Meeting objectives & Code of Conduct | Claudio Faccenna (GFZ, Potsdam)

Introduction | Emily Brodsky (UCSC, Chair, SZ4D Executive Committee)

Chile meeting debrief | Sergio Barrientos (NSC, U Chile), Alvaro Amigo (SERNAGEOMIN)

Current and planned Chilean research efforts | Andrés Tassara (U de Concepción)

Summary of IPOC activities | Bernd Schurr, Frederik Tillmann, Christophe Vigny, Heidrun Kopp, Thomas Walter, Pia Victor, Dirk Scherler

ERC Project Overview: DEEPtrigger | Anne Socquet (ISTerre, Grenoble)

ERC Project Overview: ABYSS | Diane Rivet (Geoazur, Nice)



Millenium Institute on Volcanic Risk Research Ckelar Volcanes | Felipe Aguilera and Pablo Salazar

A new instrument : Long Base Tiltmeter | Christophe Vigny

The Chilean Network for Volcano Surveillance (RNVV): Monitoring and hazard assessments | Alvaro Amigo

Deep transient intraslab processes and their impact on, or how they can trigger, hazardous processes in the upper slab | John Timm

StRATEGy: Surface processes, Tectonics and Georesources: The Andean foreland basin of Argentina | Judith Bott and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

Breakout Reports & Workshop Recommendations

SZ4D-IPOC Coordination Workshop recommendations
Download PDF • 115KB
Download PDF • 74KB
Download PDF • 72KB
Download PDF • 67KB

Workshop Documents

SZ4D-IPOC Workshop agenda
Download PDF • 171KB
SZ4D-IPOC Workshop Participant List
Download PDF • 32KB

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