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Instructions for SZ4D Travelers

I - While traveling: Save all receipts


  1. Itemized receipts are required for reimbursement of airfare, lodging, transportation, parking, conference fees and registration

  2. Receipts for meals and incidentals are required; maximum daily allowance is $79; alcohol is not a reimbursable expense 

  3. For personal car mileage reimbursement: submit a google map showing trip origin, destination and total miles traveled


II - Air Travel


  1.  In order to be reimbursed by the federally funded project, SZ4D, airline tickets must be in compliance with the Fly America Act, which requires flights to be purchased from a “U.S. flag” air carrier service. Please see Fly America Act for full guidance and a list of foreign countries whose air carriers are approved under the “Open Skies Agreement”

  2. The cost of “bundled” airfare and lodging packages obtained through an Internet travel agency will only be reimbursed if the agency provides a detailed receipt or invoice that separately identifies the costs of airfare, hotel, and incidentals

  3. Travelers and travel arrangers should book coach or economy class airfare 

  4. Reimbursement of ticketless or e-ticket airfare expenses require that the traveler submit a copy of the itinerary, a written receipt obtained at the airport, or a passenger receipt coupon

** We do not recommend purchasing your flight using credit from previous tickets as this prolongs the reimbursement process. If you do use credit from a previous flight, you will need to submit the receipt for that original flight, along with the receipt for the current flight. 

III - Lodging


  1. A detailed lodging receipt (folio) must show itemized expenses in order to ensure that valid expenses are reimbursed. If lodging is purchased via the web, include supporting documentation obtained at the time of purchase. 

  2. Lodging expenses in the continental U.S. are limited to a daily rate of $275.00, excluding taxes and mandatory fees 

  3. When the traveler is unable to secure lodging at $275 per night or less, the traveler must submit additional documentation such as price comparisons within the proximity of the meeting location that supports the higher lodging rate incurred. The price comparisons should be performed at the time of booking.

  4. Reimbursement for overnight lodging will be allowed only if the traveler is at least forty miles from the headquarters location or home, whichever is closer.

IV - Post-Travel Reimbursement Process


Follow instructions to submit your reimbursement:

  1. Combine all receipts into a single pdf file

  2. Use this UCSC Travel Worksheet to prepare your reimbursement, and submit it along with your receipts* and other documentation to within two weeks of completion of travel. 

  3. For travelers not residing in the US: Please follow the instructions listed above and contact, for possible additional forms and requirements.

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