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SZ4D Governance

The SZ4D organizational structure is designed to provide independent oversight of each of the components of the SZ4D effort, as well as management and coordination structures to ensure successful project execution

SZ4D committees, and working and integrative groups are currently engaging 153 representatives from 95 institutions across US and South American research communities and disciplines. SZ4D serves a growing community of 3000 scientists from around the globe.

How to get involved

If you want to get involved in guiding SZ4D, volunteer for a committee! Call for volunteers for committees is usually distributed in the spring. Look for the call in the e-newsletter that will include a volunteer form. The Committee on Committees will use responses to this form to design a slate of committees each year that is balanced. The factors they consider include scientific expertise, career stage, and demographics. If you don’t get selected the first time you volunteer, don't worry! There is an opportunity every year! 

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