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Rocky Cliffs



A component of SZ4D focused on supporting the collection of interdisciplinary field geoscience data at large scale 

Answering SZ4D research questions requires the analysis and integration of large amounts of geoscientific field data across a wide range of disciplines. However, most geoscience field work is currently organized and completed by a single PI or small collaboratives groups, and field based researchers typically do not have access to the infrastructure and support necessary to  undertake large-scale initiatives. 


The SZ4D GeoArray initiative seeks to develop opportunities to support effective collaborations between large numbers of field geoscientists from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. A community data collection model provides opportunities to: broaden participation in field geoscience data collection and interpretation; collect large quantities of standardized data usable across disciplines; provide large datasets of field observations that can begin to bridge the disparate scales between geophysical and geologic observations; position field geosciences to take undertake “big data” analysis; increase the accessibility of field data and samples to researchers; allow for greater and more respectful engagement with stakeholders and local organizations; and increase cost effectiveness of field work. 





Establish collaboration, matchmaking, and team building mechanisms that foster interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer, bridging field geoscience, modelling, laboratory, and geophysical disciplines.

Recruit & Train


Provide mechanisms to recruit and train new participants, increasing the diversity of scientists participating in subduction zone field research

Promote Collaboration


Promote effective collaborative discourse at all stages of research, from project design, data collection, analysis, and publication

Data Collection


Host collaborative data collection campaigns and workshops, both in and out of the field



Provide support to enable safe, inclusive, accessible field experiences

Group Members

GeoArray currently includes members representing the Executive Committee, BECG, MDE, L&S, FEC, Steering, and Operations committees.

GeoArray members listed in reverse alphabetical order

Christine Regalla
Assistant Professor at Northern Arizona University, specializing in structural geology, tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology, and subduction forearc neotectonics, both onshore and offshore.
Madison Myers
Assistant Professor at Montana State University, Volcanologist, petrologist, geochemist with interests in explosive volcanism, caldera formation and using chemistry to track storage and movement of magmas.
Kristin Morell
Associate Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara. Active Tectonics, paleoseismology, tectonic geomorphology, dynamics of subduction zones and collisional mountain belts.
Samuel Nyarko
Assistant Professor of Geoscience Education Research at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Uses learning theories and social science mixed methods of research to study teamwork process skills, the nature of science, inclusive learning environments, and climate change education.
Stuart Kenderes
Visiting lecturer/Post Doctoral scholar at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis with a background in lava flow dynamics, field education, and teamwork.
Melodie French
Assistant Professor at Rice University specializing in experimental rock deformation, friction, and subduction zone deformation processes.
Cailey Condit
Assistant Professor at University of Washington, focused on structural geology, metamorphic petrology, and the exhumed rock record of subduction zone slip behaviors (e.g., episodic tremor and slip, slow earthquakes).
Mike Brudzinski
Professor at Miami University in Ohio with expertise in earthquake seismology, geoscience education research, and DEI efforts. Serving as the representative from the BECG integrative group.

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