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A coordination network of Chilean subduction zone scientists

AndesNet is the new coordination network of Chilean subduction zone scientists. This network has been created to serve as a coordination platform for investigators actively working on the understanding of hazard-related natural processes that occur in association to the dynamics of the Chilean subduction zone. AndesNet is the natural counterpart of SZ4D in the development of initiatives oriented to consolidate the scientific collaboration between US, Chilean and Argentinean communities and further geophysical instrumentation of the local subduction zone in the near future. 


The network is currently formed by 99 researchers from academic, governmental, and private institutions across Chile and Argentina coordinated through AndesNet with the aim to advance subduction zone related science and ultimately to reduce risk associated with natural hazards in the country. These researchers positively answered the open call spread by the executive committee (formed by Laura Bono and Álvaro Amigo from SERNAGEOMIN, Sergio Barrientos from CSN, and Andrés Tassara from Universidad de Concepción) to be part of the network and they chose the name AndesNet from a number of options. Once the network was officially created, one of the first actions was to sign a letter of support to the application of SZ4D to the NSF-founded competition AccelNet that will hopefully give resources for the activities of a network of networks in subduction zone science. The initial AndesNet online meeting took place on November 9, 2022 and more happened since then. Meetings allow for necessary discussions within the AndesNet scientific community to design a fruitful, transparent, mutually-beneficial and long-reaching collaboration with SZ4D.

Proposal Coordination

SZ4D Implementation Plan

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From the Implementation Plan

AndesNet Executive Committee Members

Andrés Tassara
Universidad de Concepcion
Alejandra Serey
Universidad de O'Higgins
Cristian Farías
Catholic University of Temuco
Laura Bono Troncoso
Sergio Barrientos
Universidad de Chile
Álvaro Amigo Ramos
CIC Members

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