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Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction

Toward an integrative community framework for subduction zone models 

The Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction (MCS) is a community- and model-building effort to advance subduction zone science. In April 2022, the MCS and SZ4D RCNs officially joined under the overarching SZ4D umbrella, and MCS became one of the core facilities and activities of SZ4D. 

The objective of MCS is to create new kinds of physics-based models for subduction zone hazards and apply them to understand fundamental physical processes, guide instrumentation deployments, interpret observations, and assess predictability of hazards. Specifically, MCS activities are built around the following overarching objectives:

  • Construct models that link subduction zone state and long-term margin evolution to the character and predictability of event occurrence

  • Integrate observational constraints into models, while simultaneously using models to define optimal observational strategies

  • Build physics-based, predictive models for volcano, earthquake, and geomorphic systems that are spatially and temporally coupled

  • Build a diverse and equitable community of scholars who are well versed in modern modeling tools


The MCS group works toward addressing the science questions posed by the SZ4D working groups.


From the Implementation Plan

Download the MCS section of the SZ4D Implementation Plan

From the Implementation Plan

Group Members

Francisco Delgado
Universidad de Chile, Santiago
James Conder
Southern Illinois University
Jorge Crempien
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
John Naliboff
New Mexico Tech
Junle Jiang
University of Oklahoma
Margarete Jadamec
University at Buffalo
Leif Karlstrom*
University of Oregon
Tushar Mittal
Penn State University
Marcos Moreno
Universidad de Concepcion
Joyce Sim
Georgia Tech
Daniel Trugman
University of Nevada Reno
Meng Matt Wei Matt
University of Rhode Island
Penny Wieser
Matthew Herman
California State University Bakersfield
Guil Gualda
Sean Gallen
Colorado State University
Alice Gabriel*
UC San Diego
Xuesong Ding
University of Texas
Mark Behn*
Boston College
Thorsten Becker
UTIG Austin

*Group Co-Chairs

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