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For a more inclusive science community and a broader understanding of geohazards to address social justice and equity issues in hazard mitigation 

Mission Statement

SZ4Grads is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and intercultural network for graduate students and recent graduates studying subduction zone processes. We are under the umbrella of SZ4D and part of the Building Equity and Capacity with Geoscience (BECG) integrative group. Our community is composed of graduate students, post-docs, and non-faculty researchers (<5 years from their terminal degree) from different disciplines and backgrounds. 


In the last year we have been working towards our main three goals:

  • coordinating collaboration,

  • improving the accessibility in getting involved in SZ4D,

  • and forging mentorship and skill development opportunities.


Our work aims to increase the visibility of the diverse, early-career researchers in subduction zone science and their research, and to open opportunities for a more equitable and inclusive community. For that reason, we have many opportunities that you can be a part of: we started a webinar series aiming to highlight SZ4Grads’ work, we are facilitating DEI discussions, organizing mentorship programs and skill development opportunities, working on guaranteeing and supporting SZ4Grads representation in SZ4D committees, and developing online platforms for community building and networking. 

Get involved

There are many ways for you to get involved or stay informed!

Sign up now to join SZ4Grads, share your input, plan to attend our webinar series, follow us on social media

SZ4Grads Researcher Spotlight

The SZ4Grads Executive Committee wants to highlight the diverse work and interests of graduate students and graduates pursuing subduction zone research. If you are a graduate student, recent graduate/post-doc, or early-career researcher interested in being featured on our Twitter page.

Upcoming Events & Activities

Check for SZ4Grads events and other activities of interest to the SZ4Grads Community

Upcoming Events

Group Members

Yurong Zhang
Michigan State University
Kate Scholz
University of Oregon
Diego Rodriguez
University of Chile
Jamshid Moshrefzadeh
University of Alaska Fairbanks- AVO
Madeleine Lucas
University of Washington
Hao Guo
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Paul Flores
Yokohama National University
Jenn Hang Chong
University of New Mexico
Jade Bowers
Boise State University
Emilie Bowman
University of Arizona
Emma Burkett
University of New Hampshire
Valeria Cortés-Rivas
Northern Arizona University
Behnaz Hosseini
Montana State University
Nate Klema
University of Oregon
Aubrey Laplante
Northern Arizona University
Michael Murphy
New Mexico State University
Fan Wang
Michigan State University
Tamara Aranguiz
University of Washington
Group Members

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