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Crater Lake (photo credit_ Madison Myers)_edited.jpg

SZNet 2024 Cascadia Field Trip

An interdisciplinary and international field trip opportunity


July 21-30, 2024 | Ashland, Oregon, USA 

Application opens: March 4, 2024

Application deadline: March 22, 2024


The SZNet Field Trip aims to foster collaboration among scientists of different nationalities and career stages and offer an opportunity for team-based field data collection. Participants will learn about the geology of the southern Cascadia subduction zone through data collection in an array of field locations and learn how to think about data across scales and methods.


DATES: July 21-30 2024

WHAT: 9-day interdisciplinary international field trip and data collection opportunity in the southern Cascadia arc and forearc near Ashland Oregon, USA. 


FUNDING: Participant support for travel, food, lodging and field supplies is available through SZNet which is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation AccelNet program under award 2301732.


THEME: Linking field geological relationships, petrologic, structural, geochemical, petrophysical properties, and geophysical properties in the volcanic arc and forearc. 


GOALS: Learn about the geology of the southern Cascadia subduction zone through data collection in an exhumed pluton and field trips to Crater Lake National Park, an accreted oceanic plateau, and a paleo subduction fault interface; Collect interdisciplinary field data as a team; Learn how to think about data across scales and methods; Evaluate effective methods for team-based field data collection.  


DATA COLLECTION: Participants will undertake interdisciplinary team-based data collection activities involving geologic mapping, petrologic sample collection, geochemical analyses, and a nodal geophysical deployment in a Jurassic pluton near Ashland, Oregon. Outcomes of field data collection will be assembled into an AGU abstract, and participants are encouraged to use data and samples for their own post-field research. 


WHO SHOULD APPLY: Open to both US and non-US scientists at any career stage interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to researching subduction systems. Those with experience or interest in petrology, structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, deformation experiments, and modeling are encouraged to apply. 

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applications will open on March 4 and will close on March 22 and will be accessible through the SZ4D website. Applicants will be asked to provide: 1)  a CV and bio, 2)  a short response explaining your scientific interest and experiences 3) a short description of a research topic you might be interested in pursuing using data and samples collected on this trip.

Organizing Commitee

Organizing members are listed in reverse alphabetical order

Christine Regalla - Northern Arizona University

Madison Myers - Montana State University

 Kristin Morell - University of California, Santa Barbara

Samuel Nyarko - Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 

Cailey Condit - University of Washington


Please see below a tentative schedule for all field trip activities. Please note that this schedule is not final and is subject to change.

July 21: Fly in to Medford, OR,  check into provided housing.

July 22: Group Onboarding, Field Safety, and Teamwork training.

July 23: Field trip to Crater Lake.

July 24: Field trip to Roseburg Siletzia basalts and fault contacts.

July 25: Introduction to pluton data collection project and initial site visit.

July 26: Pluton data collection.

July 27: Pluton data collection.

July 28: Data analysis and synthesis, develop research plans, log iSamples, draft AGU abstract(s). 

July 29: Data analysis and synthesis, develop research plans, log iSamples draft AGU abstract(s). 

July 30: check out of housing, fly out of Medford, OR.

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