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Past Webinars

SZ4D Virtual Town Hall: Geographic Strategy

SZ4D Virtual Town Hall: Cross Cutting Themes

SZ4D Draft Implementation Plan: Public Forum

Magmatic Drivers of Eruption Open Mic

Building SZ4D: MCS Townhall

SZ4D International Webinars: Permanent deformation and relief construction at plate boundaries (with emphasis in the Andes)

SZ4D Virtual Town Hall: Field Geology and Experimental Plans

SZ4D International Webinars: From Miocene to today: Tectonics and surface processes of the Hellenic Subduction Zone across multiple time-scales

SZ4D International Webinars: Geodetic and paleogeodetic studies along the Sumatran subduction zone

SZ4D International Webinars: Science and hazard mitigation with seafloor geodesy in Taiwan

SZ4D Virtual Town Hall: An Update and Discussion on the Developing Plans

SZ4D International Webinars: Unlocking the secrets of the Hikurangi subduction zone - Progress over the last decade and future directions

SZ4D International Webinars: Slow slip in subduction zones - Do deformation fabrics and and laboratory experiments explain instrumental observation?

International Webinars: Five things about the cold forearc mantle wedge

Building SZ4D: A Town Hall Discussion and Workshop for a Research Initiative on Subduction Processes and Geohazards

SZ4D International Webinars: Short-Term Interaction between Silent and Devastating
Earthquakes, and the Role of Interplate Velocity Changes in the
Mexican Megathrust

SZ4D International Webinars: Unearthing geological and historical evidence of large earthquakes and tsunamis on the Mexican Subduction – results, problems and future studies

SZ4D International Webinars: Observations of recent phreatic and phreatomagmatic eruptions in Costa Rica

SZ4D International Webinars: Uncovering fault slip behavior in the Japan Trench and the Nankai Trough - Results from 10-year studies and future research strategies

Sergio Ruiz

July 17th, 2020 at 11 AM PDT

Zoom Webinar

International Webinars: How much do we know about subduction earthquakes? Surprises from earthquakes in Chile

Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Landscapes & Seascapes Working Group

Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Faulting & Earthquake Cycles Working Group

Planning for the SZ4D Initiative: Meet the Magmatic Drivers of Eruption Working Group

Planning for the SZ4D Initiative:  What’s Happening Now and Where is it Headed? 

Working Group Kickoff Meeting

SZ4D Initiative Town Hall Forum @ AGU

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