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Identify and sustain scientific priorities and broader impacts by coordinating the scientific and capacity building activities of SZ4D 

The Collective Impact Committee (CIC) supports scientific priorities and broader impacts by monitoring SZ4D scientific and capacity building activities and advising the Steering Committee on  ways to better meet SZ4D’s Collective Impact goals, such as redistributing resources. The CIC is composed of representatives from each of the active members of disciplinary communities, Integrative Groups, and Facility committees. Expertise in science relevance to agencies beyond NSF are included in this committee (e.g., NASA, USGS, NOAA). Co-chairs of the CIC will regularly report to the SC.

SZ4D BECG Research goals of the BECG group

Collective Impact Committee Charge

  • Priorities and Coordination

    • It will seek to identify and sustain scientific priorities and broader impacts by coordinating the scientific and capacity building activities of SZ4D

    • It will help make recommendations for establishing programmatic funding

  • Assessment of Impact

    • The group will have access to and monitor activities across the SZ4D structure and present to Steering Committee whether goals are being accomplished and propose changes needed to increase Collective Impact such as a change in resources

  • Reporting & Communication

    • Provides guidance to the Steering Committee  by drawing on input front he working groups and integrative groups

    • CIC will regularly report to the Steering Committee​

Roles of CIC in Accomplishing BECG Implementation Plan

  • ​Coordination of Partnerships

    • Organize a workshop with representatives from other international capacity building efforts, pre- and post-surveys, breakout discussions

    • Organize a workshop to better establish partnerships with education and outreach programs (e.g., NAGT, SERC) and those at affiliated organizations (e.g., EarthScope, OpenTopography, CSDMS, state surveys)

    • Organizes workshops to connect and equip PIs for successful interdisciplinary research including scaffolding for being an effective collaborator

    • Coordinates year-long communities of practice to engage a broad swath of the science community in development of Collective Impact framework

  • Identifying Priorities

    • Community of practice outcomes presented to SZ4D governance for decisions about implementing recommendations

    • Commission additional community of practice topics with outcomes and deliverables defined in advance

    • Identify potential connections to existing efforts for matchmaking and share points of contact

    • Meet with government hazard agencies in focus areas to identify key community vulnerabilities, seeking to compile recommendations on how SZ4D can contribute

    • Leverage ongoing NAGT and SERC activities to better incorporate GeoEd research into SZ4D PI professional development

  • Assessment of Impact

    • Evaluate how SZ4D is contributing to FAIR data at regular intervals 

    • Cross-cultural and implicit bias training evaluated by CIC at regular intervals

    • Monitor participation in communities of practice and assess outcomes

    • Annually assess the balance of BECG efforts and recruit collaborations for under-represented activities

CIC Charge

Coordinating SZ4D Proposals

Proposal Coordination

The Collective Impact Committee is designed to help coordinate SZ4D science and outreach efforts in the current absence of a dedicated funding program. PIs are encouraged to contact the CIC to discuss opportunities for coordination. As PIs consider proposals to build components of SZ4D, the CIC has developed an initial set of questions to help PIs design proposals that coordinate with SZ4D. When it comes to designing efforts to accomplish broader impacts that are aligned with SZ4D, the BECG chapter of the Implementation Plan is currently the best starting point.


If your proposal involves a workshop that might require SZ4D staff assistance, please contact us so that we can coordinate an appropriate budget to help you.

From the Implementation Plan

Learn more about the SZ4D Structure and Governance

From the Implementation Plan

Committee Members

Pablo Forte
Instituto de Estudios Andinos, UBA - CONICET
Tim Melbourne
Central Washington University
Matt Brueseke
Kansas State University
Barbara Carrapa
University of Arizona
Ahmed Elbanna
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Gabe Epstein
University of Washington
Veronica Oliveros
Universidad de Concepción
Charlotte Rowe
Los Alamos National Lab
Bodo Bookhagen
UC Santa Barbara
Harold Tobin
University of Washington
Aaron Wech
US Geological Survey
Philipp Ruprecht
University of Nevada Reno
Helen Janiszewski*
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
William Frank
Joe Dufek
University of Oregon
Maria Contreras
Mike Brudzinski
Miami University of Ohio
Magali Billen*
UC Davis

*Group Co-Chairs

CIC Members

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