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SZNet Chile & US Exchange

Host Information

2025 | USA and Chile

Registration opens: August 15th, 2024

Registration deadline: September 15th, 2024


This program aims to give U.S. and Chilean based students or early career scientists the opportunity to spend a month conducting independent research at a scientific institution with similar research interests and goals in the partner country. The goal is to provide these students and early career scientists with opportunities unavailable to them at their home institution with a path towards creating international connections.

Towards this goal, SZNet requires more senior scientists at US and Chilean institutions who are interested in hosting a student or early career scientist. This program is built to support host with ideas of research projects but no specific guest identified AND hosts who already know who they would like to work with. Please see below for details about the application process based on which category you fall into. 

Host Proposed Project

If you are interested in hosting any student or early career scientist.

How should I submit my project?

Register using the form at the top of the page! Registration will be open from August to September 15th, but feel free to start preparing your project description using guidelines and example below.

How will applicants find my project?

Once a host registers via the form above, their project will be listed on the SZNet website for potential participants to view. Applicants will then be able choose which hosts they would like to apply to work with.

Student Proposed Project

If you have already identified a student or early career scientist you would like to host

How should I submit my project?

Please work with your desired participant to define their project. Once the participant application opens in September, they can  submit the project proposal as well as a letter of collaboration from the host. 

How will applicants find my project?

As defined above, the student or early career scientist should apply and will  submit the project proposal and host institution name at that time. Please be prepared to provide a letter of collaboration.



Host Registration Period

Hosts without an identified participant can register their project to be highlighted on the website prior to the participant application opening.


Participant Applications Period

Participants can apply to any submitted project (above) or can apply to conduct a project they have created with a specific host


Review Period

Participant applications are reviewed by the Data Exchange subcommittee. Hosts will be notified if one the successful applicants have applied to work with them. 


Exchange Period

SZNet will provide funding for lodging, food, and travel for to 28 days anytime in 2025. SZNet will also provide logistical and administrative support.

Host Project Requirements

Hosts who are proposing projects without a specific visitor in mind should included the following information when registering so that the applicants can make informed decisions. The host registration form will ask for identifying information along with the following:

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A short (2-3 paragraph) description of your idea for hosting a student or early career scientist. Please discuss:

a) the research questions you are looking to answer,

b) data and resources provided or data collection opportunities,

c) the experience required to participate in this project.

Please feel free to look at this example project description to get an idea of the details and format we are looking for.

PROPOSED HOSTING PERIOD: Please specify your desired hosting period so that candidates can ensure that this project aligns with their calendars. 

FACILITIES and RESOURCES: Briefly outline the facilities, equipment, and/or resources available for the visiting scientist to conduct this project.

HOUSING: If you have resources to facilitate hosting for a potential visitor, please let organizers know. SZNet will provide participant support for travel, food, and lodging, regardless of institutional resources available but it is helpful for organizers to know of available options.

PROJECT LANGUAGE: This project is open to US and Chilean participants who may speak a variety of languages. Please share all languages you are able and comfortable conducting research in. By providing several language options, we can open this opportunity up to student and early career scientists who have not had the opportunity to work in an international lab or institutional settings.

KEYWORDS: Please provide a keyword or short phrase that best describes your project. This will help applicants be able peruse which projects most closely matches their interest.

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