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SZ4D Workshop

SZNet Ocean Floor Observational Technology Workshop

January 15 - 16, 2025

Santiago, Chile

Workshop Objectives

The Ocean Floor Observational Technology Workshop provides a platform to develop a global knowledge base of technical capabilities and opportunities in seafloor geodesy and seismology.

DATES: January 15 - 16, 2025

GOALS:  SZNet's second mission is to cooperate to consistently instrument critical subduction zones that can provide key and transferrable insights. Towards this goal, SZNet is organizing a workshop focused on ocean floor technology . Ocean floor instrumentation is a key component of multiple network’s efforts around the world. The purposes of this workshop are to:

(1) exchange state-of-the-art technical information as well as current observational capabilities,

(2) highlight needed instrumental advances and knowledge gaps, and

(3) promote collaborations and cooperative experiments.

STRUCTURE: This workshop will span two days and will feature keynote speakers, discussion sections, and workshop wide conversations. SZNet is partnering with the Science of Slow to Fast Earthquakes Network to coordinate workshop schedules. As such, this workshop will be scheduled alongside other activities and workshops following the below schedule:

January 11-12: Pre-workshop field trip (organized by Slow to Fast EQ)

January 13-14: Slow-to-Fast Earthquake Workshop

January 15-16: SZNet Ocean Technology Workshop

January 17: Single Day Field Trip (Co-Organized)

January 18 - 28: Post-workshop SZNet field trip (more information to come)

A detailed agenda will be released ahead of the workshop. Please keep an eye on this space!

FUNDING:  Need-based support for travel, food, and lodging is available through SZNet which is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation AccelNet program under award 2301732. Opportunities to apply for funding will be available within the registration form.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be required for this event. Please check this pace!




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