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Universidad de Chile


Project Description

Since 2019, the Seismology Group of the Department of Geophysics (DGF) at the University of Chile has undertaken the acquisition of seismic data in the northern segment of the SZ4D MegaArray planned experiment (27°S - 33°S). 64 sites have been equipped with either broadband seismometers or geophones, for durations ranging from 4 months to 2 years, across 5 campaigns (3 regional-scale and 2 local experiments). In conjunction with the CSN stations and other temporary experiments, the monitoring efforts have spanned over 100 sites in the region in recent years.
We propose to carry out an in-depth exploration of the acquired data from a quality perspective. The objective is to initiate the creation of a comprehensive map of available and established sites that could be considered for future SZ4D deployments. The scope of this work may encompass geophysical fieldwork, signal analysis, geology, and extend to non-geophysical aspects, including but not limited to, examining the social impact on the local population.
Depending on the available time and the interests of the participants, this collaborative effort could integrate multiple disciplines. We are open to considering more than one candidate for this opportunity.

Proposed Hosting Period

from March to mid-June or from August to mid-December


office space, data servers, possible to organize a short field trip.

Host Contact

Bertrand Potin

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