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University of New Mexico

United States

Project Description

I anticipate fieldwork to collect seismic data using nodal instruments at two Cascade volcanoes this summer: the Three Sisters cluster and Mount Rainier. It could be a great experience for a Chilean scientist to visit UNM and participate in fieldwork for deployment or recovery of the nodes. The caveats are that permitting is not complete (but there is precedent for using this equipment in similar policy settings) and funding of one project is not finalized and probably won't be until the US government has a full year budget. Depending on available time and interest, some research interaction at UNM about volcano seismicity detection and location or imaging with nodal arrays could complement the fieldwork experience. My sense is that use of nodal arrays is likely to figure into SZ4D efforts to study volcanic hazards. Increasing exposure to that style of data collection and processing among Chilean scientists could strengthen the foundation for future collaborative efforts between volcano seismologists from the U.S. and Chile. The visiting scientist would get to interact with a field team including students from multiple universities and collaborators from hazard monitoring network groups in the northwest U.S.

Proposed Hosting Period

About 10-30 days sometime between July 7 and Sept 15


Shared office space in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science when at UNM, join fieldwork team in OR/WA for a week

Host Contact

Brandon Schmandt

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