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Universidad de Chile


Project Description

I'm involved in the FRES Cordon Caulle project (PI Ruprecht) assessing the brittle deformation response (faults and cracks) produced by a shallow laccolith emplacement that led to the 2011 eruption at Cordon Caulle, and the potential hazards that result from the intertwined interactions between volcanic, earthquake and mass failure processes in that area. Also, I'm writing a proposal to study the interactions between tectonic and erosional processes in building the topography of the southern Andes volcanic zone in central Chile, which could provide another research opportunity for the visiting student or early-career scientist. Both subjects have direct relation to the SZNet goals and 3 main branches of SZ4D, specially the former which also has a focus on hazard assessments.

Proposed Hosting Period

Spring (Chile)/Fall (US) semester 2024 (August-December), and January 2025


Our department can provide office space and access to all University facilities during the stay. Resources for potential field work and/or lab analysis for the first proposed research topic could be obtain from the FRES project. For the second idea, I could allocate some funds for field work.

Host Contact

Felipe Aaron

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