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Stony Brook University

United States

Project Description

The student or postdoc will work with us on using the current seismic deployment in the S. America to study its crustal architecture, including using techniques such as joint interpretation of ambient noise surface wave dispersions and H-k stacking, as well as other new data sets such as the surface wave amplification. The product, a new seismic model that provides unprecedented accuracy and resolution to the crustal architecture, especially at the deep crust and Moho depths, will greatly improve our understanding to the tectonic environment of the subduction zones. Particularly, the result will:

1) help understand the tectonic loading from better estimates of the isostasy by better measuring the Moho depth;
2) better locate the potential existence of partial melt by measuring the Poisson's ratio of deep crust;
3) allow future quantification of the rheological properties as accurate seismic properties also constrain the lithosphere-asthenosphere system's temperature and compositional structures,

all of which are aligned with the overall science target of the SZ4D initiative.

Proposed Hosting Period

2024 Summer/Fall


The Stony Brook University geophysics lab equips with basic office space, desktop computers, small servers. The visiting scientist will also obtain access to the SeaWulf super computer.

Host Contact

Weisen Shen

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