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SZ4-Grads: A network for graduate students and graduates, working on subduction zones

by the SZ4Grads Executive Committee

May 31, 2022

Are you a grad student? Do you study subduction zones? Are you interested in interdisciplinary collaboration? The SZ4-Grads network is for you

SZ4-Grads is an emerging, collaborative, and intercultural network of graduate students investigating subduction zones. The initiative was inspired by projects such as GeoPRISMS and SZ4D, in which workshops we witnessed what can be done by these collaborative multidisciplinary efforts. We acknowledge the importance of working together to gather all our expertise to face the challenges of understanding complex systems such as subduction zones. As the next generation, we feel it is our responsibility to create the platform for open discourse, open data, and cross-collaboration in our fields. So we started SZ4-Grads with the goal of connecting early-career geoscientists across the world who play a key role in the future of subduction zone science.

We invite all graduate students currently studying subduction zones to join SZ4-Grads, with a promise of a safe and welcoming space to present, collaborate, and discuss their work. We believe that our diversity in background, race, gender, identity, nation, and expertise is our biggest strength to create the scientific community we want and deserve.

Join SZ4-Grads


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