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Dear Colleagues

by Emily Brodsky (University of California, Santa Cruz), SZ4D Executive Committee

Mar 24, 2023

Updates from the Chair of the SZ4D Executive Committee

SZ4D took a deep breath after the publication of the implementation report in November 2022…. and then dove forward. The new year brought new proposal opportunities. Over the last few months, SZ4D has participated in multiple proposal collaborations that help support the diverse aspects of the enterprise. A highlight was teaming up with StraboSpot to seek better data collection support for field geologists. Simultaneously, we have connected with international partners and sought support for international exchanges. We have also overhauled the SZ4D website to better communicate the implementation plan and the current efforts. Through this work, the SZ4D vision has become crisper as the efforts mature and is now encapsulated on the website as “a community-driven initiative for a long-term, interdisciplinary research program to define the limits and possibilities of predicting geohazards.” 

Overall, the plan for the next year on the SZ4D committees involves developing cogent proposals for the many elements of the SZ4D vision. A significant piece of this work is a collaborative effort with Chilean and Argentinian colleagues in AndesNet to define the regions and extent of the arrays. We refer to this stage as the “blobs on a map” stage. The committees are hard at work articulating the options with an eye towards maximizing the advantages of the comparative approach. Once the committees’ work is ready, you should expect to see announcements of townhalls and other asynchronous opportunities for feedback and iteration with the full community. Ultimately the goal is to get dots on the map in 2024. 

Roadmap to array design, including important milestones.

Another major goal is to define the complementary activities in Alaska and Cascadia. Similarly, the 136 representatives of the community who are currently serving on SZ4D committees are hard at work curating information and options in preparation for full community feedback. 

Do you want to be more deeply involved in the SZ4D committee process? We are pleased to announce our 2nd annual volunteer call. Please volunteer yourself or nominate a colleague to serve. Each year the Committee on Committees will use this list to populate the committees with an eye towards ensuring diversity demographically and intellectually. About a third of the committee members rotate each year, so there should be plenty of opportunities to participate at all levels. If you volunteered last year and were not selected, please volunteer again this year. Each year the committee needs are different and it is very likely your expertise could be helpful now. 

I am, as always, amazed by the energy of the community as we move forward in SZ4D. I am looking forward to another productive year as we get closer to the SZ4D vision. 


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