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Utah State University

United States

Project Description

The student or ECR will be exposed to research activities in an experimental rock deformation facility. For example, they will learn to perform experiments related to estimating fault strength, stability, healing on legacy ocean drilling samples from Cascadia, as well as synthetic mixtures of minerals that may be expected in the shallow plate boundary at Chile. These experiments and results will provide insights into earthquake nucleation and propagation along the subduction zones that have been chosen to actualize SZ4D science. The visiting ECR will also be a part of regular research group meetings, departmental seminars, and other topical conferences depending on when they visit.

Proposed Hosting Period

up to 1 month between 15 June and 30 Sept


The visiting scientist will have access to an office space, computational infrastructure, and my rock deformation lab ( which includes a direct shear apparatus for studying frictional behavior of fault zone rocks, and a large biaxial deformation apparatus used for earthquake propagation studies.

Host Contact

Srisharan Shreedharan

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