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Building Equity and Capacity in Geoscience
An Integrative Group working to build a more inclusive science community in the SZ4D Initiative and to broaden understanding of geohazards to address social justice and equity issues in hazard mitigation 
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The Building Equity and Capacity in Geoscience Integrative Group is working to identify the  set of activities that are strategically useful and maximize the specific assets of SZ4D (i.e., geohazards, international, instrumentation, multi-institutional). Our goal is to transform the mindset of our geoscience community to embrace education, outreach, capacity building, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice as critically important for the success of the scientific endeavors.

Key questions being addressed by this integrating group include: 

  • Capacity Building

    • How can we leverage international scientific efforts into capacity building partnerships that improves scientific capabilities (e.g., skills, data, software, technology) for all parties and avoids imperialist/colonial attitude to bestowing knowledge?  

    • To what degree will these improvements be sustainable?

  • Equity and Social Justice

    • Geohazards disproportionately affect specific communities.

    • How can improved understanding of subduction zone geohazards be used to inform and address social justice and equity issues in hazard mitigation?

  • Education, Assessment and Inclusion

    • Educational efforts that are more inclusive and have measurable student learning outcomes are needed to equip and diversify our scientific community.

    • How do we identify, develop, and implement these strategies?

  • Outreach and Science Communication

    • ​Can we establish a distributed model of outreach by better training members of the SZ4D community to accomplish effective science communication and help the general public better understand geohazards and risk associated with them?

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

    • What are the best practices for interdisciplinary collaboration that break down the silos and improve understanding across disciplines? 

    • Can lessons from other fields inform an evidenced-based approach for what we do in the geosciences?

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Integrative Group Members

*Mike Brudzinski                 Miami U. of Ohio

Jackie Caplan-Auerbach   Western Washington U.
Beth Bartel.                         Michigan Tech U.

Michele Cooke                   U. of Massachusetts Amherst

Andrew Newman               Georgia Tech

Anne-Marie Núñez            Ohio State U.

Christy Till                          Arizona State U.
Aaron Velasco                    U. of Texas El Paso

Lisa White                           U. of California Berkeley

* Steering Committee Member

Interest Group Contacts:

Mike Brudzinski