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Universidad de Chile


Project Description

I am broadly interested in InSAR analysis of crustal deformation applied to volcanoes and tectonics in subduction zones and hot spots

Proposed Hosting Period



InSAR processing expertise and access to ERS-1/2, ENVISAT, ALOS, COSMO-SkyMed, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, RADARSAT-2, Sentinel-1, ALOS-2, and SAOCOM-1 data. Pléiades stereo and tri-stereo optical imagery for DEM processing. TanDEM-X DEMs of the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, and GNSS time series from the Chilean volcano monitoring network. GNSS time series from the South America - Scotia plate boundary in Tierra del Fuego. Expertise with finite element software for volcano deformation. Workstations and on-the-cloud resources for data processing.

Host Contact

Francisco Delgado

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