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SZNet Updates

Jun 28, 2024

Building an International Community to Study Subduction Zone Geohazards

SZNet, the international component of SZ4D, is a coordination network of 15 international science networks working towards building an international community studying subduction zone geohazards. Towards this goal, SZNet organizes an exciting slate of activities each year including workshops, field trips, and exchange programs that all adhere to SZNet’s main missions:

  1. To compare observations of subduction zones around the globe with a common dataset and understanding

  2. To cooperate to consistently instrument critical subduction zones that can provide key and transferrable insights 

  3. To develop and nurture an international and diverse cadre of early career scientists that is equipped to make the necessary breakthroughs. 

Expanding Collaborations


SZNet is constantly growing and collaborating. This year, we welcomed a new network, CRESCENT, a US-based and NSF-funded earthquake hazards center focused on the Cascadia subduction zone. We also submitted formal letters of collaborations with CONVERSE, CLaSH, and the Japanese Consortium for Mega-Geohazard Research. If you are interested in having your network join SZNet, please contact us!

2024 Cascadia Field Trip: Meet the Participants


The 14 selected international participants for the SZ4D 2024 Cascadia Field Trip are preparing for the 9-day excursion in southern Oregon where they will collaborate with their international colleagues on team-based data collection. These participants were selected after a rigorous application process from a pool of 124 applicants, and represent a wide variety of backgrounds, career stages, research interests, and nationalities.

🔎 Learn more about the participants 

2024 US/Chile Exchange Program


Our first edition of the US/Chile exchange program is underway. Flavia Guzmán has just returned from her research exchange trip to Ohio State University where she investigated the role of fault intersections on local stress state variations at different scales with Dr. Ashley Griffith. The four other participants, selected from a poll of 58 uniquely qualified applicants, are gearing up for their exchanges throughout this coming fall and winter. 

🔎 Learn more about the Exchange Program

Would you like to become a host? Registration for the 2025 edition of the US/Chile Exchange Program will open in Summer 2024. We hope you will volunteer!

Virtual Workshops and Webinars


The SZ4D’s new international webinar series and its first international virtual workshop debuted this Spring. Over 100 participants representing 21 different countries attended the virtual workshop on stress and rheology.

The international webinar series featured two talks by Michele Cooke (University of Massachusetts) and Andrés Tassara (University of Concepción), respectively discussing the energy budget of subduction zone hazards and the temperature of the Chilean megathrust and its control on seismogenenesis. The webinar series will resume in September. In the meantime, we invite you to suggest future speakers and topics.

Thanks to all the speakers, breakout discussion leaders, and all the participants for making the virtual events such a success!

🔎 All recordings are available on the SZ4D Youtube Channel. Don't forget to subscribe to receive instant updates when new content becomes available!

Stay Tuned


SZNet has many other exciting activities planned for the upcoming months. Please keep an eye out to be part of the broader conversations surrounding legacy data and ocean floor technology in 2025.

Questions? Comments?


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