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Termas El Corazón, Los Andes, Chile

June 14-16, 2023

AndesNet & SZ4D Scientific Community Workshop

The second edition of the AndesNet & SZ4D Scientific Community Workshop took place in Los Andes, Chile, on June 12-14, 2022. The meeting was preceded by an Early Career Symposium. The participant list and the meeting agenda as well as the collection of keynote lectures and lightning talks are available below.

Meeting Goals


To develop a consensus recommendation from AndesNet to SZ4D regarding the geographic region of SZ4D instrumentation in Chile, and to develop a plan for priority AndesNet activities (e.g., analysis of instrumental data, geological work, modeling) under the SZ4D Implementation Plan. At the end of the meeting, we aim to finalize a proposal about the zones of interest of Chile, based on inputs and discussions during the meeting.

Organizing Committee


Cristian Farías (Co-Chair), Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile

Diana Roman (Co-Chair), Carnegie Institution for Science, USA

Laura Bono, Sernageomin, Chile

Anaïs Férot, SZ4D Program Manager, UC Santa Cruz, USA

Ignacio Sepulveda, San Diego State University, USA

Alejandra Serey, Universidad de O’Higgins, Chile

Andrés Tassara, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Doug Wiens, Washington University in St. Louis, USA 



PART 1 DAY 1 - Early Career Event

Introductory Remarks | Ignacio Sepulveda & Valeria Cortes-Rivas

Funding opportunities

Meeting participants engaging in networking activity during the Early Career Symposium preceding the AndesNet & SZ4D Scientific Community Workshop (credit: Anaïs Férot, SZ4D)

PART 2 DAY 1 - Main Meeting

  • Plenary session 1: Welcome & introduction

Welcome and overview of meeting objectives, code of conduct, and feedback from Termas 1.0 | Diana Roman

Introductory remarks from Chilean and U.S. Agencies

Gonzalo Arenas, Head of International Affairs at Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation

Shelby Walker, National Science Foundation

Alejandra Avila, Subdirectora Nacional de Geología, SERNAGEOMIN

Alvaro Hormazabal, Director Nacional, SENAPRED

Lt. Matías Sifón, Head of Oceanography Department. Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA)

SZ4D overview | Emily Brodsky

SZ4D activities and Collective Impact | Kristin Morell

  • Plenary session 2: Survey results & plenary discussion 

AndesNet survey results | Andrés Tassara

SZ4D All-Hands meeting results | Donna Shillington

Panel composed of representatives from Chilean and US Agencies (from left to right: Gonzalo Arenas, International Affairs,Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation; Lt. Matías Sifón, Oceanography Department. Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA); Alvaro Hormazabal, Director Nacional, SENAPRED;Alejandra Avila, Subdirectora Nacional de Geología, SERNAGEOMIN; Shelby Walker, National Science Foundation) (credit: Anaïs Férot, SZ4D)


  • Session 3: Breakout 1 - Theme: MultiArray location

Reminder of charge for the meeting and goals | Doug Wiens

Invited talks on three possible MultiArray zones arising from AndesNet survey

Presentation Segments 14-16 y 20 | Ayleen Gaete

Presentation Segments 8-10 | Sergio Ruiz y Juan González

Presentation Segments 4-6 | Felipe Aguilera + Ckelar

Breakout instructions and group assignments | Doug Wiens


  • Session 4: Breakout 2 - Theme: Focus on the 5 zones identified in Breakout 1

Breakout instructions and group assignments | Álvaro Amigo

Meeting co-chair Diana Roman presenting the code of conduct to meeting participants (credit: Anaïs Férot, SZ4D)


  • Plenary session 5: Results of final survey and agreement consensus recommendation for geography

Presentation of final survey results and proposed consensus recommendation on MultiArray location (3 highest priority zones) and segments of interest to individual arrays | Andrés Tassara and Cristian Farías

  • Plenary session 6: Coordination and collaboration -

How can Chile- and Argentina-based scientists get support from the U.S.? | Shelby Walker and Mark Behn

Breakout instructions and group assignments | Alejandra Serey

Reimbursement and survey instructions | Anaïs Férot

  • Plenary session 7: Final plenary session -

AndesNet needs | Andrés Tassara

Meeting conclusion | Emily Brodsky

Lively discussion between panelists and meeting participants during a Q&A session (credit: Anaïs Férot, SZ4D)

Thunder talks


Day 1 Session 2 - Thunder talks to share personal opinion on MultiArray locations

1-Oliveros Veronica Thunder SZ4D Jun12-2023.pptx
Download PDF • 560KB
2-Contardo- Thunder_SZ4D-2023
Download PDF • 315KB
Download PDF • 168KB
Download PDF • 758KB
Download PDF • 651KB

Lightning talks

01-Yuvineza Gomez-Leyton PRelampago Ckelar
Download PDF • 864KB
02-Contardo- Rodrigo-Lightning-2023
Download PDF • 1.41MB
Download PDF • 953KB
Download PDF • 669KB
Download PDF • 1.94MB
Download PDF • 913KB
Download PDF • 453KB
Download PDF • 992KB
09-Susana_Layana_Lascar integrated.pptx
Download PDF • 2.27MB
10-Felipe Aguilera_degassing.pptx
Download PDF • 297KB
11-Alfredo Esquivel
Download PDF • 788KB
Download PDF • 452KB
13-Gazel_lightning slide.pptx
Download PDF • 800KB
Download PDF • 1.64MB
Download PDF • 1.22MB
Download PDF • 209KB
17-Azua_Kellen_LFEs in The Pichilemu
Download PDF • 382KB
Download PDF • 372KB
Download PDF • 1.69MB
Download PDF • 7.01MB
Download PDF • 125KB
23-Oliveros Veronica Lightning SZ4D Jun13-2023.pptx
Download PDF • 103KB
Download PDF • 475KB
27-Aron et al_Lighting_SZ4D_2023.pptx
Download PDF • 1.05MB

Breakout Reports & Workshop Recommendations


Coming soon

Workshop Documents

EC Symposium Agenda
Download PDF • 115KB

2023 Termas Meeting Meeting Package
Download PDF • 4.37MB

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