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SZ4D International Webinar: How much do we know about subduction earthquakes? Surprises from earthquakes in Chile

Sergio Ruiz (Universidad de Chile)

July 17th, 2020 at 11 AM PDT

Zoom Webinar

Webinar Description: Chile is one of the most seismic countries in the world, and has been shaken by large and giant earthquakes in its history. In this talk, we will review the most important earthquakes in the Chilean history and how these events can be reinterpreted based on the advances in the knowledge of subduction earthquakes that has arisen in the last years, especially after the observations of the 2010 Maule and Tohoku 2011 megathrust earthquakes. Additionally, we will summarize the main characteristics of the last well recorded earthquakes occurred in Chile: Iquique 2014, Mw 8.2; Illapel 2015, Mw 8.3; Chiloé 2016, Mw 7.6 and Valparaíso 2017, Mw 6.9. All of them were recorded in near field by geodetic and seismological instruments and some of the remarkable observations are associated with its long nucleation phases and the interaction between earthquakes. Finally we will discuss seismic instrumental capacities to correctly record large subduction earthquakes and the instrumentation projections that would be desirable.

SZ4D presents the International Webinar Series, in which we have invited scientists from around the world to present their leading-edge research on topics of interest to the SZ4D community. The series includes talks thematically linked to all three of the SZ4D Working Groups.

Sergio Ruiz
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