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SZ4D International Webinars: Unlocking the secrets of the Hikurangi subduction zone - Progress over the last decade and future directions

Laura Wallace - GNS Science

February 12th, 2021 at 11 AM PST

Zoom Webinar

New Zealand's Hikurangi subduction zone is the site of a diverse range of subduction margin processes, including major along-strike variations in megathrust slip behavior, offshore and onshore subduction margin characteristics, among many others.  Two key aspects of the Hikurangi subduction margin make it an ideal locale to investigate the physical controls on subduction megathrust slip behavior. These are: (1) a marked along-strike variation from a mostly creeping margin in the north to a deeply locked margin in the south allows us to address the question of why some megathrusts tend to slip in major earthquakes, while others appear to be dominated by creep processes, and (2) the occurrence of slow slip events at very shallow levels (less than a few km below the seafloor) enables very near-field monitoring of slow slip event processes,  high-resolution seismic imaging of the slow slip source, and sampling of materials involved in slow slip using scientific drilling methods. To take advantage of these opportunities at Hikurangi to reveal the physical processes behind megathrust slip behavior, scientists from around the world have focused several large experiments on the Hikurangi subduction zone over the last several years.  This talk will focus on what we have learned about the Hikurangi subduction zone over the last decade and the implications of this for broader understanding of subduction zone processes, as well as questions that still have yet to be answered.

SZ4D presents International Webinars, a series where the working groups invite international scientists to present on different topics relevant to their research and region. SZ4D values international voices and invites you to learn from these folks.

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