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AndesNet Updates

by Andrés Tassara (Universidad de Concepcion)

Jun 5, 2023

AndesNet pursuing consensus

AndesNet pursuing consensus.

In preparation for the AndesNet & SZ4D Scientific Community Workshop at Termas El Corazón (Central Chile) next week, our community has been actively moving towards the expected consensuses recommendation about the ideal place(s) for the installation of SZ4D instrumental arrays along the Chilean margin. Between April 6 and May 5, we conducted an online survey that was answered by nearly 100 Chilean and Argentinian researchers. Based on scientific-technical criteria that were validated with the SZ4D steering committee, the survey proposed 20 along-strike segments to be considered by participants when distributing their votes for the best area to install each array. This same segmentation was used for the survey that closed the online SZ4D All-Hands Committee meeting (April 10-11). The results of our survey were presented and discussed in an online plenary session (May 18) attended by 55 participants. The recordings of the meeting can be seen here. With these results as input, researchers have been organizing themselves to argue for the groups of segments that were the most voted. These arguments were presented on June 1st during another plenary online session. The objective was to start converging towards a consensus that should emanate from the Termas meeting or, at least, to help clarify the different opinions existing in our community and how we should advance during the meeting toward such consensus.

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