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AndesNet Updates

by Andrés Tassara (Universidad de Concepcion)

Mar 24, 2023

AndesNet keeps on growing through an active collaboration with SZ4D

The collaborative network of Chilean researchers working on subduction zone related natural hazards has been active during the last months, even considering the southern summer vacations that most of us enjoyed during February. Before the vacations break, we had a plenary meeting to discuss how to aboard two main requests received from SZ4D; the inclusion of AndesNet´s representatives in its Steering Committee and the definition of the ideal area along the Chilean margin where to install in the future the multi-hazard, multi-disciplinary instrumental array (Multi2Array after the SZ4D Implementation Plan) that is central to the SZ4D initiative. Both requirements demonstrate to us the strong aim of SZ4D and their committees to consider the opinion and participation of the Chilean research community at the highest possible level.  

Intending to define representatives that cover the three research lines of SZ4D with consideration to gender balance and the range of research categories included in AndesNet, the participants of the plenary session decided to propose as members of the SZ4D Steering Committee to Alejandra Serey (Postdoc at Universidad de O´Higgins, associated to L&S), Cristian Farías (young research at Universidad Católica de Temuco, associated to MDE) and Andrés Tassara (senior research at Universidad de Concepción, associated to FEC). The latter will also be the link with the Executive Committee of AndesNet. As for the mechanism to recommend areas for the installation of Multi2Array, the committee is considering different points of view expressed during the January plenary session in order to warrant the ample participation of AndesNet´s members. Currently the committee is refining a procedure that will be soon discussed and adjusted through a discussion with the ExComm of SZ4D, and then will be presented and activated in a plenary session of AndesNet. At the end of this process we envisioned an exciting scientific discussion between North American, Chilean and Argentinian researchers in an in-person meeting at Termas el Corazón June 12-14 , which will nicely close a first year of active and fruitful collaboration.  

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