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Argentinean Scientists in SZ4D

by Lucia Sagripanti and the SZ4D Argentina Research Community

Dec 8, 2023

Join the SZ4D Argentina network!

Dear Argentinean scientific community members,

We're excited to extend an invitation to the Argentinean scientific community for active participation in the emerging SZ4D project. Your expertise is crucial to the success of this initiative, and we're eager to build a collaborative network.

Join the SZ4D Argentina network:

To facilitate seamless communication and coordination, the Argentinean community is being organized. If you're a scientist, professor, or grad student working on the Andes who wants to contribute to the SZ4D project, we kindly invite you to fill out the form here.

The SZ4D project aims to deepen our understanding of the limits and possibilities of predicting subduction zone geohazards in the Andes, and our insights can make a significant impact. Stay informed about the next steps, developments, and collaborative opportunities by joining our network.

If you have any comment, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Argentine researchers, Stella Moreiras, Sebastian García, Pablo Forte, Andreas Richter, Gustavo Ortiz, and Lucia Sagripanti currently participating in the project invites you to get involved so the Argentine community begins to have greater representation and organization.

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