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SZ4Grads Dec 2023

by the SZ4Grads Executive Committee

Dec 8, 2023

Connecting Early Career Researchers in Subduction Zone Science

One of the goals of the Building Equity and Capacity with Geoscience (BECG) group is “to train a new generation of researchers to answer key science questions about subduction processes using interdisciplinary approaches”. One way SZ4grads is working toward this goal is through a skill-building webinar series. The goal of this series is to provide background and insight into different methods, approaches, and modeling programs. The webinars spanned a wide range of topics, from using seismic/infrasound observations to better understand lahar processes to modeling volcanic geomorphy using spatial models. Some of these webinars have been recorded and are available to view on the SZ4D youtube page. All of these webinars were given by graduate students and early career researchers.

In an effort to make these webinars accessible to a wider audience, we utilized the auto-translate function on zoom. This feature provides auto-translated captions in 28 languages, allowing participants across the SZ4D network to attend and learn during these webinars. 

As we work to continue building SZ4D and working towards its stated mission of defining the limits and possibilities of predicting geohazards, we must explore innovative ways to teach and learn across this amazing community. Working across language and cultural barriers will remain an ongoing challenge and opportunity.

Watch the rest of the videos on the SZ4D Youtube Channel

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